Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Coca-Cola World Cup FIFA Mini Aluminum Bottle Brazil 2014


Coca-Cola launches minigarrafinhas for the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ™

Coca-Cola launches on January 15 to promote "Minigarrafinhas from Whole World." To celebrate the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 ™, the brand brings back the famous miniature bottles, success in the 80s. For 2014, bottles come in 18 models repaginate aluminum decorated with the flags of all the countries that have hosted the World (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, United States, England, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland , South Africa, Japan, South Korea), the next three host countries (Brazil, Russia and Qatar), plus two special editions Coca-Cola. There will also be miniengradado.

In addition to collectibles, the minigarrafinhas Everyone's are interactive. Through an application a Facebook application, which will also be available in the Coca-Cola website, Apple Store and Android Market, brand fans around the world are invited to sign up for the virtual crowd of Coca-Cola from their respective country. Thus, they can create your character and send a message that will be received by the Brazilians who have minigarrafinha. The intention is to provide an opportunity for fans to participate in the entire World Cup, as well as meet and make Brazilian friends.

As for the Brazilians who have acquired their minigarrafinha, the technology works by downloading an application of augmented reality that uses the camera of a smartphone.As the camera recognizes the graphics bottles each augmented reality is activated, initiating the custom animation of countries and the interaction between the Brazilians and foreigners registered in the promotion. All contact information is exchanged using data from Facebook.

The film's promotion, signed by the agency J. Walter Thompson, debuts on public television in the range of "Fitness", Globo TV. On the same day, arriving at the market across the country decorated tins and advertisements on street furniture, newsstands, billboards, etc. gable.

Mechanics of Promotion:
The consumer must attach lids or cans rings that have different scores according to color, which can be green or gray. For each mini bottle or crate, add four points + £ 3.80. Between January 15 and February 28 cups of soda at McDonald's will also be participating in the promotion.