Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Coca-Cola Statue of Liberty with a New York skyline Aluminum Bottle USA 2015


New York City home to the Empire State Building,  Times Square Statue of Liberty and so much more. 
The epicenter of art,  culture,  and fashion Perhaps no other city influences people and is known and celebrated around the world like New York.

The Coca-Cola bottle,  one of the most recognizable and timeless innovations in the history of packaging, it holds a major role in pop culture,  and has been the inspiration for many moments of happiness in film,  social history,and design.

2015 marks the centennial anniversary of the Coca Cola glass bottle.  What better way to say cheers than to merge two iconic brands that sit at the center of cool?  

Enclosed is the Coca-Cola New York Souvenir Aluminum bottle that pays tribute to the City's one-of-a-kind skyline and Status of Liberty silhouette. It also commemorates the upcoming centennial of our National Service in 2016.We are sharing it with New Yorkers and visitors alike this summer and we want to share it with you,too.

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