Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coca Cola FIFA World Cup Aluminum Bottle United Arab Emirates 2010

Coca Cola in Saudi Arabia has launched the World Cup special edition of its aluminum bottles. Launched in June 2010, these bottles portray the colors depicted in the World Cup 2010 logo. The Coca Cola trademark is inscribed in white color to complement with the vivid color of the bottle that demonstrate the World Cup fervor.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coca Cola Aluminum Bottle Venezuela 2009

Coca Cola FIFA World Cup Aluminum Bottle Venezuela 2010

Coca-Cola Olympics Pavilion Aluminum Bottles Canada 2010

The official 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics collectible bottle from Vancouver's downtown David Lam Park Coca-Cola Pavilion Center
Offered only within the Pavilion limited RARE item.

Coca-Cola Vancouver Olympic Torch Relay Team 2010 Aluminum Bottle Set

It is 250ml Coca Cola Torch Relay bottle for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada.
The Olympic torch relay begins tomorrow here in Victoria, British Columbia.
Limited Edition.

Coca Cola Christmas Aluminum Bottle Belgium 2007

Coca Cola Christmas Aluminum Bottle France 2007

Coca Cola Christmas & New Year Aluminum Bottle Belgium 2007

Coca Cola Christmas Aluminum Bottle Austria 2008

Coca Cola Mcdonald Olympic Aluminum Bottle China 2008


In November 5, 2008McDonald's China and Coca-Cola launched a limited edition Olympic Gift Charity Set in  Beijing and Tianjin. This activities organised till December 9, 2008The gift set includes: Coca-Cola alu bottle commemorating Olympic Games, the Olympic and the Olympic partners classic commemorative glass badge.

McDonald's has been committed to child welfare and development in long term basicprovide support the children who needed. All donated fund from fund-raising and charity activities will be donated into China Ronald McDonald House Charities and donations

McDonald's objective- to give his children a source of strength to help them rebuild their schools, build a promising future.

Coca Cola EuroCup Aluminum Bottle Switzerland 2008

Coca-Cola Global Euro 2008

As a result of our involvement with Coke Football on a global scale, Attik was appointed to create a Visual Identity System ( VIS) in support of Coke's sponsorship of the 2008 Euros, hosted in Austria and Switzerland. The core idea was " Goal Hug a Stranger" reflected the joy, passion  and spontaneity of the explosive moment when a goal is scored. This. along with the connections made when people from different cultures and countries come together through football and Coke.

The final VIS was successfully utilized though the line in all communications supporting the sponsorship throughout Europe. This included packaging. POS, outdoor and ATL across the entire Coke trademark including Coke/Diet/Light and Coke Zero.