Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Coca-Cola 50th Anniversary Aluminum Bottle Taiwan 2018

Coca-Cola's Taiwan celebrating 50th anniversary. 3rd July, Bii Bishu and Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan were invited to participate in the event. Since the 7th is also the 29th birthday of Bi Shu, he sang the three happy birthday songs of Chinese, English and Korean, and celebrated each other. Self-deprecating has been called "Bi Shushu". After being the spokesperson with Lin Yijia and Ba Sanyi, Bi Shu was excited to call and share with her mother immediately.

Coca-Cola's 50th Anniversary Special Exhibition is divided into two exhibition areas, including the Taoyuan Coca-Cola World and the Taipei 101 Observation Deck. Some of Taoyuan’s reservations can be made by telephone and online, and the Taipei 101 viewing platform will be launched on the 11th. In particular, the commemorative "Taiwanese bottle", combined with the image of Taipei 101, MRT and Ferris wheel, has been put on the shelves.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Coca-Cola Tokyo Olympic JAL Design Aluminum Bottles Japan 2017

東京2020オリンピックまでIOO0 days to go!
"JAL 1000 Days to Go! Event" commemorating the 1000 days before the Tokyo Olympics.
Date and time: October 28th and 29th, 2017 from 7:00 am (29th is gone and ended)
Location: Haneda Airport Terminal 1 2F Event Space
Quantity: 15000 pieces

Friday, June 8, 2018

Coca-Cola #My Little Paris Kanako Aluminum Bottles France 2018


My Little Paris collaborates with Coca-Cola for a series of 10 bottles and a box on the various districts of Paris. The result is bottles with an original and unusual design in the Coca universe. The stores are just starting to be stocked, some of the bottles at Monoprix in all of France (4 bottles Saint Germain / La Motte Picquet / Montmartre / République) and 6 others (Opera / Montparnasse / Latin Quarter / Batignolles / Pigalle / Belleville) in different Parisian shops (Franprix, other stores to be confirmed)

Our 10 exclusive bottles in collaboration with
Coca-Cola and drawn by Kanako have just been shelved. Above, there is everything that makes the Paris we love: the toddlers of Batignolles, the tagged walls of Belleville, the skaters of Repu, and even the students of the Latin Quarter. To win the collector's box and show all Paris in your apartment, tell us what is your favorite neighborhood in Paris! Draw on the 30/05. #quartiersenbouteilles