Friday, August 30, 2019

Coca-Cola 70's Anniversary Edition Aluminum Bottle Macau 2019

Macau Coca-Cola's 70th Anniversary Edition

The unique taste of "Coca-Cola" is irreplaceable. We have had a lot of happy moments with us. Unconsciously, "Coca-Cola" has been stationed in Macau for 70 years! In order to celebrate the special occasion of the same fans, "Coca-Cola" is sincerely launching the first 70th Anniversary Edition of Macau's "Coca-Cola" with the theme of Chinese and Western culture.

The aluminum enamel changed the tradition of "Coca-Cola" in red as the background color. It chose a white background with red lines. In addition to the words "Macau" printed on it, it also depicts a dragon-shaped pattern full of imposing manners. The well-known Macao World Heritage sites include the St. Paul's Church Ruins, the St. Paul's Memorial Archway, and the historic buildings such as the Portuguese Guiyang Fort. They are full of design elements that represent the culture of the region, highlighting the new and old Macao characteristics and creating something different. Coca-Cola" commemorative edition aluminum enamel, with a collection value!

The 70th Anniversary Edition of Macau's Coca-Cola will be launched in Macau starting September 4th, including large supermarket chains, Macau convenience stores and other places. Coca-Cola fans will pay close attention to La!

Special thanks: Macau Coca-Cola and related public relations team