Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coca-Cola Paris Saint-Germain #MamboArt #Ceizer Aluminum Bottle France 2015

COCA-COLA and the PSG 
To celebrate the extension of their contract for the next three seasons, Coca-Cola Official Supplier of the club, and Paris Saint-Germain have designed two limited edition collector bottles from a single collaboration with the artists and Mambo Pieter The Ceizer first bottle, dressed in red, was designed by the French artist. It depicts iconic of the city of Paris. 

The second, presented by the Dutch, in black, played on the club's code, its stadium, its supporters and its players. "Pop culture is the link Activation of this partnership, "said Ben LMAD Moussa, president of Coca-Cola France. Both collector bottles, launched 20 September 2015, are available during as solo and duo box at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, at Colette and the distribution network zero boutiques and online Paris Saint Germain. They also win on the flat digitally HappinessFC and red pattern on Twitter with the hashtag  #choisisParis.

Coca- Cola has created two collector bottles at PSG picture to celebrate the renewal of their partnership for three years.

This bottle was created by Pieter Ceizer Mambo and artists who were asked to imagine two versions: red and black ( classic Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero ) . One of the creations echoes the city of Paris , one can distinguish different monuments of the capital. The other version , black , features the club directly related symbols such as the Parc des Princes, fans , slogan , etc. 

PSG logo is of course present on the two versions of the collector bottles.

 Mambo lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Mambo was born in Chile in 1969, from a French father and a Hungarian mother.
He grew up in Latin America and started his artist career in Paris.

Mambo has established his own visual vocabulary : he is a polyglot artist, capable to pick what he needs on his languages palette to express his feelings in the moment. His different artworks series go from abstract graphic interplays of lines and spontaneous designs, to action painting as well as minimal and caricatural portraits using his signature red-orange color, thus creating an expressive graphic universe, full of underlying meanings, combining observation, ambiguity and humour.

The core theme is humanity, the inspiration is our brain, our mental processes, sensations, emotions, memories, inner feelings and mechanical reactions. Human behaviors become colorful ideograms, our environment becomes a dictionary, where he picks symbols to write his own prose : visual enigmas.

Mambo’s discourse is not imposed upon us, it intrigues us and leads us to memorize our own reflections.


Studio Ceizer was born out a passion for typography and quality products.
This Amsterdam based company was founded by designer Pieter Ceizer and represents the clothingline 'Ceizer' as well as Pieter Ceizer's artwork and collaborational projects. After 8 years of experience in the industry and various successful collaborations, Ceizer organically grew into an independent lifestyle brand and art & design studio.
All our products reflect positivity. The philosophy is to make something out of nothing. Combining meticulous sewing styles, the finest quality of pre-shrunk cotton and handdrawn empowering statements and artwork. Our products come in limited quantities, only available at a selection of the finest retailers.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Plaid Diet Coke Adam Lippes Aluminum Bottle 2015 USA


It’s all about plaid.

Some style mainstays are eternally fashionable. Take wearing all black, for instance, or a beautiful red statement lip. When it comes to fall, plaid is practically synonymous with plaid. That’s why Target is filling its stores with the classic statement fabric this autumn, and they tapped Adam Lippes to design a plaid collection. “I think the plaid trend has never really gone away,” Lippes has said. “It’s always been in the undercurrent of American sportswear. But over the years it’s been infused from working shirts up to high fashion.”

Launching September 27 at Target stores and on, The Adam Lippes for Target collection includes more than 50 pieces, all featuring buffalo plaid. Ranging from $10 to $129.99, the collaboration includes home décor, apparel, shoes and accessories for women and men, proving how incredibly versatile the fabric is.

“It looks great of course with a pair of jeans, a plaid top, but also it might look great with a black mini skirt to wear out at night,” Lippes has said. “But over the years, it has really invaded high fashion, so now there’s great plaid gowns worn to gala events. People wear plaid to work. You can wear it out on a Saturday night. And they still wear it for a real workman’s shirt, so it’s sort of all over now, which makes it so fun.”

In addition to the limited edition collection by Adam Lippes, Target will be infusing plaid throughout the store. Besides the fashion aisles, it will be found everywhere from the grocery section to beauty—think plaid Diet Coke bottles and decked out Listerine bottles. “Target is mad for plaid for fall which is great when a brand takes a risk like that and does it in a big way,” Lippes has said.

Adam Lippes is now at the helm of his own fashion line, but the American designer got his start by working under some of the greatest names in the fashion industry. He began his career at Polo Ralph Lauren in 1995, and later moved to Oscar de la Renta in 1996, where he worked as the Global Creative Director under the late designer. Lippes has now branched out to create timeless pieces of his own, and his casual-yet-functional designs have caught the eyes of Target.

Everything from ChapStick to Diet Coke bottles will be covered in the plaid design. Lippes will also design womens wear pieces, footwear, accessories, home goods, and pet supplies. While the home goods and pet accessories are two divisions he has yet to tackle with his own label, shoppers can expect Lippes's attention to detail - and penchant for creating luxurious pieces - to translate perfectly into the Target collection.