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Coca-Cola Light ALUMINUM BOTTLE Baum Pferdgarten Denmark 2009

Triumph in Benelux Leads to Nordic Collaboration

From March through October 2009, Baum und Pferdgarten continue the collaboration with Coke light as the Coca-Cola light Fashion Campaign unfolds in the Nordic countries. The Danish contribution will include a limited-edition aluminum bottle featuring a 360º print of the Baum und Pferdgarten design that will be released exclusively in Denmark during the Copenhagen Spring 2010 Fashion Week.

Four European designers have created prints which will adorn the Coke light cans and bottles in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark throughout 2009. The design by Baum und Pferdgarten will appear on more than 5 million products – plus the 45.000 limited-edition aluminium bottles made exclusively for Denmark. Baum und Pferdgarten was chosen as the sole contributor for the aluminium bottle 360º print.

The Nordic collaboration is a continuation from the success of the 2008 debut of 34 million cans and bottles that featured the design from Baum und Pferdgarten in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.

Baum und Pferdgarten have created the geometric print inspired by a bird’s eye view of endless fields in beautiful shapes seen from an aeroplane approaching Copenhagen. With a little imagination these fields could be blooming with lavender, hyacinth and dahlia.

It is available in special stores cross the Denmark right now, but very hard to find.
Coca-Cola light for fashionistas
Coca-Cola light launches a collection of fashionable bottles designed by the hottest European fashion designers. And with a refrigerator stocked with creations from Baum und Pferdgarten (Denmark), IVANAhelsinki (Finland) Normaluisa (Italy) and Miriam Ocariz (Spain) can only be super cool.

Baum und Pferdgarten, IVANAhelsinki, Normaluisa and Miriam Ocariz has created an interpretation of their own fashion collections, and the result is a limited edition of four spectacular Coca-Cola light labels at ½ and 1 ½-liter bottles, all shelves fashion. The four designers are selected because of their remarkable creativity, and they were asked to design a feminine and fresh prints to capture the essence of summer. For the Danish designer Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave it was both fun and challenging to develop their contribution to the Coke light Fashion campaign.

"Coca-Cola light bottle is an icon for any designer, so it was both interesting and artistically challenging to develop the right Baum und Pferdgarten prints inspired by our collection," says Rikke Baumgarten.
Helle Hestehave continues: "We found inspiration in the Coca-Cola light fashion campaign, and the design is actually a geometric print inspired by the prospect of vast fields of beautiful forms, as we see them during the approach to Copenhagen. With a little imagination could these fields bloom with lavender, hyacinth and dahlias. "

Win a trip to one of Europe's fashion hot spots
Take your girlfriend, sister or another shopaholic on a fantastic trip to one of Europe's fashion hot spots. Coca-Cola light Fashion Campaigns allow a chance to win a trip for yourself and a friend. The prize consists of a three-day trip to one of the designers' home cities: Madrid, Milan and Helsinki. In the two months that Coca-Cola light competition runs will be distributed in Denmark A total of 28 trips for two people, and there is drawn a winner every second day. Simply visit and answer three questions - then you're in the competition.

Passion for fashion
The interaction between Coca-Cola light, fashion and travel is the result of an investigation where Coca-Cola light has asked CCL drinkers about what they do in their spare time.

"The typical Coca-Cola light drinking is a woman between 25 and 40 years, which is true fashionista, and enjoy both shopping and travel. It was the inspiration for connecting Coco-Cola light, fashion and travel in a fun competition with some of Europe's most talented up and coming designers. It's our way to develop and renew Coca-Cola Light brand while bringing attention to talented designers, "says Camilla Munkholm, Business Manager, Coca-Cola light Denmark.

The Danish campaign runs from 3rd August to 27 September.

About Miriam Ocariz:

Spanish Miriam Ocariz presented his first collection at The Gaudi Fashion
Show in Barcelona in 1996. Since then she has been a part of the international
fashion scene, and she is one of Spain's most renowned designers. Fans Karen counts
both famous and royal, and in 2002 she received the L'Oréal Paris Prize for best young
designer. Miriam Ocariz 'designs have been known to refer to the art world: Frequently
Her prints are inspired by the artistic trends such as expressionism, pop and
conceptual art.
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About Ivana Helsinki:
IVANAhelsinki is an exclusive brand that blends beautiful Slavic melancholy with pure Scandinavian
moods. The label was established in 1998 by the talented Finnish designer Paola
Ivana Suhonen and her older sister Pirio. Now mark a mature fashion name that is
known for combining fashion, design and modern art. Paola Ivana says that creationism are
is an interpretation of everything that goes on in her mind. She likes to play with everything from Old Norse
mythology and Western romance to the graphics, printing and short films. Every IVANAhelsinki work
are made in Finland, and her design philosophy is based on ethical and ecological choices.
The many handmade details and traditional Finnish crafts give the clothes a unique soul.
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In August introduces Coca-Cola light ® a new collection of designer bottles at the Nordic
markets. Behind the bottles are 4 major European fashion names each of which has garnered
international recognition for their innovative and trendy design. The designers were asked
to create a fresh expression to the limited edition bottles of Coca-Cola light ®. Bottles
should recall the summer and draw inspiration from the designers' own collections. Chaining
Coca-Cola light ® with fashion is not unique in Denmark. In Germany cooperates
Coca-Cola light ® with Zac Posen and Manolo Blahnik, in France with Nathalie Rykiel and
in Italy by Roberto Cavalli.
About Baum und Pferdgarten:
Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave represent design duo Baum und Pferdgarten.
The established brand in 1999, while they were design students. During the
last 10 years the duo has achieved international recognition, and the clothes are now available in more
than 20 countries worldwide. The Danish designers' creative manifesto is to discard
from the masses both design and process regularly. They never compromise with
performance or aesthetics, and it is easy to spot the duo's unparalleled quality, both in
details and craftsmanship.
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About Normaluisa:
Italian Normaluisas talented designer Giorgiana Zappieri being hailed as
both innovative and mysterious, until recently no one knew who was behind
design. Normaluisa wanted creationism was to be speaking louder than the person
behind, and thus challenged the idea that a fashion brand to have a face for
to be appreciated. Normaluisa experimenting with details that provide innovative
textures and silhouettes and is world famous for its astonishing fashion shows in
Milan. Despite the label is only three years old, you can buy Normaluisa
in 100 stores across the world.
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