Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Alu Bottle Diet Coke Karl Lagerfeld Apr 7, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

It was in George on the roof of the Centre George Pompidou in Paris had held the launch party of the new collaboration of Karl Lagerfeld and his favorite drink Coke Light.
Coca-Cola Light is a new entrance into the world
fashion by announcing its second collaboration with the creator Engineering, Karl Lagerfeld.

World-renowned designer, he
created this year not one but three new exclusive designs
aluminum bottle for the famous Coca-Cola light.
Available in twelve European countries from April 2011, the new
collector's edition 'Coca-Cola light by Karl Lagerfeld is the indispensable
and irresistible accessory for all women who love fashion.
To create this series modern and bold,
recognizable at first glance, the famous designer has played
with the lightness that characterizes it, associating the brand codes
to his family: a graphical palette of black and white, contrasting
with touches of bright color and patterns to repeat.
Referring to his first work for Coca-Cola Light in 2010, Karl
Lagerfeld says, "I love this bottle but it is time to
do another. In fact I intend to make three! . And
concluded: "I loved 2010, I'll even love 2011. In any
If I'm delighted with this collaboration. "
To achieve this collection, Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by new heroines of Coca-Cola Light: Bernadette, Eleanor and Irene, the trio
dolls stars who appear in new TV campaign
brand across Europe.

Karl Lagerfeld's approach epitomizes the light mode by Coca-Cola light. For this new exclusive collection, it adds a touch of lightness and modernity in each of his bottles
inspired by the playfulness and mischievous new muses Coca-Cola light.

The first design, inspired by Bernadette, is both romanticand modern: an all-over chic pea metallic gray background white lacquered.

The second bottle is the most daring and translated well the personality of Eleanor with a vibrant pink stripes literally enveloping the bottle.

The third design, echoing
to look rock chic Irene, has a side a little harder with his seedlings black star-shaped nails.
In addition to having designed the collection, Karl Lagerfeld,also celebrated as a photographer in the world fashion, he himself shot the advertising campaign Coca-Cola light with models Coco Rocha stars,Heidi Mount and Jeneil Williams.
Like bottles,
each of these three has its own look tops,perfectly harmony with one another. Inspired by the heroines the next TV campaign Coca-Cola light,These models give them body and life and embody perfectly modern and daring spirit of the brand.

Karl Lagerfeld is delighted with this new collection and campaign: "It's exciting for me because I love the idea and as everyone knows, I drink Diet Coke and nothing the other, night and day. It was a real pleasure carry out this campaign alongside people

I really appreciate and love for a product. "
Other exciting aspects of this partnership will
unveiled in the coming weeks ...