Sunday, August 29, 2021

Coca-Cola x NiziU Japanese Girl Group Aluminum Bottle Japan 2021

NiziU Design

The "Coca-Cola" slim bottle is a stylish premium bottle that inherits the shape of the Contour bottle (glass bottle), which is also a symbol of "Coca-Cola". With a 250ml drink size, you can enjoy "Coca-Cola" with the feel of a chilled aluminum material.

"Coca-Cola Slim Bottle NiziU Design" featuring the popular girl group NiziU is a bottle of MAKO / MIIHI / AYAKA, a bottle of MAYA / RIKU / RIMA, and a bottle of MAYUKA / NINA / RIO. , A total of 3 types will be deployed.

The colourful bottle designs are inspired by the nine members of NiziU who were specially chosen after many auditions and training sessions from 10,000 individuals. They are meant to capture the energetic and positive vibes of the group members.