Sunday, June 19, 2016

Coca-Cola & Colette Celebrate Football Aluminum Bottle France 2016

The Colette store is well-known collectors of Coca-Cola over the years they have given collectors the opportunity to purchase limited edition Coca-Cola bottles and boxsets.The Parisian concept store will bring the colors of the Euro 2016 starting in early June. And it starts a partnership with Coca-Cola.

To celebrate the Euro 2016 from June 6 to July 10, Coca-Cola and Colette have collaborated again.
The soccer is so honored in the famous store on Rue Saint-Honoré: an exhibition in homage to Eric Cantona, the collector bottles designed by Maztrone, the Panini album revisited and also broadcast games in the water bar !Thus, a collector bottle Coca-Cola x Colette was created for the occasion.

It is one of the major innovations of Coca for this summer, Muse of great fashion designers or the biggest rock bands and international DJs, the most exclusive and most trendy bottles of the collection in resealable aluminum screw cap will edited version ”  Coke classic  ” and ”  Coca-Cola zero  ” with a design by Maztrone created especially for the occasion.

But that’s not all, since album Panini, revisited by Colette and Coca-Cola was born!

Tender nostalgia for some, walking legend for others, the Panini album is a whole section of the history of football and a true ”  timeless  .” Like every great football competition, the famous Italian brand releases an album with all the competing teams. But at Colette , the rules are always a little different!

This will not be the players, but the stars of design, music, fashion, art, the street or the food scene today who will be the captains of six dream team. And we will find Miss Agnes, Emmanuel Perrotin, Pedro Winter, Jay Smith, Ora Ito and Francois Simon in leaders. In total there will be132 stickers exclusive collectible.

For those interested, know that the products Coca-Cola x Colette will be available from June 6 at Colette and its e-shop  !