Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coca-Cola Personalize with Your Name and Your Friends Mini Aluminum Bottle Brazil 2015

New Mini Aluminum Bottles.

15 models for you to personalize with your name and your friends. Collect!

Moreover, you can customize your mini bottles with over 150 different cars in white, black, red and glow in the dark. Besides the mini bottle, each envelope contains little metal chain 1 + a card with 4 + 2 mini expressions and instructions on how to use. Altogether there are 150 mininomes and 9 expressions for you to let your collection of mini bottles with your face.
 Tin rings and caps of bottle green are worth 1 point each. Get 3 points + 4 real and try one mini bottle & mini crate. In addition, you can also exchange their mini bottles & mini crates in exclusive promotions at McDonald's and network Shell.


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