Friday, November 21, 2014

Coca-Cola "Make Someone Happy " Christmas Aluminum Bottle 2014 Brazil

Campaign " Make Someone Happy " Premiere on November 15
- Aluminium bottles of Coca -Cola arrive in Brazil wrapped for Christmas gift
- Outdoor media and retail outlets will invite people to make fathers, mothers, families , siblings and friends happy

Santa Claus is on the way and the Coca -Cola has delivered your request: this Christmas, make someone happy . From November 15 ,the brand will use one of its greatest icons to present the everyday heroes that put a smile on people's faces , through small gestures and spontaneous moments of kindness. In the new commercial Christmas Coca- Cola , "MakeSomeone Happy " , lulled by the song " Make Someone Happy" Jimmy Durante, Santa Claus aim the spotlight on ordinary people who reflect the true spirit of Christmas through their good deeds - a child making a drawing with his own hands to give to mother or a police giving a pair of boots for a homeless person.

Florian Haensch , Director of Marketing for Coca -Cola , the objective of the brand with this campaign is to remind everyone the meaning of Christmas . " We want to inspire people to makesmall gestures that will make a big difference to someone's day , promoting a Christmas still wider than the exchange of gifts," he says.

All outdoor advertising material and outlets will also be activated with the theme of the campaign , inviting people to make fathers, mothers, families , brothers and friends happy.

Week Collective Movement

Coca- Cola also promoted between 8 and November 14, Week of Collective Motion, in orderto mobilize the population to make someone happy by means of social transformation actions in Brazil . During the period, part of the income derived from the sale of each product of the company's portfolio was allocated to the Coca-Cola Brazil Institute , responsible for the management of environmental projects in the country


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