Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup El Sueño de TodosS Aluminum Bottle Chile 2014

El Sueño de Todos"The dream of all"ueñodeo

20th Century Fox, NPPA and The Coca-Cola Company presents THE DREAM OF ALL, a production of S3D Tridi Films and Films.

After three years of recording in the most inhospitable parts of Latin America, reaches our screen "The dream of everyone," Chile's first 3D movie, and the first in the world to go to a sports team. 

Hernán Caffiero (Raza Brava) gives us a unique perspective on where the viewer stands on the field, next to the players, feeling an intimate experience than ever before.
"The dream of all" is about the selection process taking place in the world during qualifying for Brazil 2014. Registering all scenarios where he plays, composes a unique story, where the argument is constructed from the actual circumstances experienced by the national team, with its defeats and triumphs, all to reach a goal, the dream of going to the world Cup Brazil 2014.
A technical team worked with 15 cameras in every game, more cranes, rigs carriers, totaling over 700 hours of recording. An experience never seen before, and now deliver to all .