Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Share a Coke with Santa Christmas Aluminum Bottle 2013 UK

Brid Drohan-Stewart, marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain, says: ”Coca-Cola has become synonymous with spreading festive cheers and our Christmas campaigns, old and new, mark the unofficial countdown to Christmas. Shooting Star’s central creative remains true to the brand’s core values of spreading happiness around the world.
Coca-Cola is also expanding its ”Share a Coke” theme to Christmas, rolling out Christmas-themed packaging that encourages consumers to “Share a Coke with Santa”. People will be able to digitally customise a special ribbon designed bottle to send to friends and family via the Coca-Cola Facebook page.
The sharing theme is continued on Coca Cola’s UK Coke Zone page, which features an image of Father Christmas and the text “I believe in sharing…”.
As in previous years, a Coca-Cola Christmas truck will tour the country for consumers to get their photo taken with the vehicle that they can share with friends on social media as they sample free cans of Coke and Diet Coke. The company is also taking over the Piccadilly Sign, which will play the Holidays Are Coming ad spot to shoppers.
This year the tour will kick off on 23 November in Inverness. Coca-Cola said it surveyed more than 2,500 people to uncover the nation’s “kindness hotspots” - the cities and towns that bring the most joy to others - with each stop on the tour linked to a result from its research.