Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coca-Cola Zero Aluminum Bottle Germany 2011

This is a brand new, limited edition, Coca-Cola Zero aluminum bottle which has been released to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of Coca-Cola in Germany.

Special Effect -
As part of the print there are "scratches" in the highlighted part of the bottle, directly among the lettering "Coca Cola Zero." This shall simulate a brushed black aluminum.
Printed scratches are gray and polished, real one silver and aluminum harsh.

Coca-Cola Zero added since July 2006, the low-calorie or sugar-free range of products from Coca-Cola in Germany. Coca-Cola Zero is a refreshing drink that provides real taste without sugar. Thanks to special combinations of flavors, the taste of Coca-Cola Zero is very close to the classic Coke.

Nutrition at a glance for all products made ​​by Coca-Cola, we introduce the data on amount of energy, the main nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, shares in sugar, fats, saturated fatty acids and the values ​​for dietary fiber and sodium on. Vivid graphics on labels to inform consumers also about how put a lot of calories and the quantities of sugar, fat, saturated fat and sodium in a glass (250 ml equals 1 serving) of his favorite beverage. This eliminates long conversions. Especially handy: The label also shows at a glance the level of these nutrients at the recommended daily intake.