Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca Cola USE Hello You Aluminium Bottle Hungary 2009

It is the latest Coke Alu bottle in Hungary. Available only for promotion , that's why u couldn't find any barcode on the bottle. Not available in shops, bars & club!

USE brand, which is one of today's domestic generation of young designer, founded in 2005, has been successful in both domestic and foreign market. For many years involved in international remarkable success with innovative thinking and artistic vision of the eternal value of every six months, renewable fashion world. The brand is a key objective of a high-quality, affordable design was established, which could be a perfect complement to today's modern metropolitan women everyday life.
USE philosophy based on the innovative field of thought, artistic vision and thought is given. This is guaranteed to have the courage to question and be able to rewrite the surrounding reality. In this context, the ongoing re-creators of the classic back to the decades of divattörténet in'40, in'50,'60, created by the designer's forms filozófiákhoz, and they are updated, match today's trends.