Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Shanghai Expo 4 Aluminum Bottles China 2010

It was reported that in order to celebrate Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Coca-Cola introduced 4 creative Memorial aluminum bottle with brand of Coca-Cola, namely Yong Yule, Ruo Bilin, He Fengyin, Die Lianhua. According to news, Coca-Cola memorial aluminum bottles were only allowed to be sold within the retail districts of Coca-Cola Museum and coke retail outlets in Expo area. Participants would have an opportunity to get a limited edition of “ green bottle” partially made of plant. This bottle fully reflected the creative technology of Coca-Cola green package.

Butterfly Dream

In this design the clouds, flowers and butterflies are formed by combining various elements of the Coca-Cola Live Positively pillars.These elements form a poetic and romantic picture that outlines a sustainable prospect for earth.
Fresher city. Fresher Life

World Village

Just as the landmark buildings of different countries outline the city skyline,people form all over the world are gathered in Shanghai for the World Expo."Friend from around the world living together in a harmonious neighborhood".
Closer city.Closer life

A Joy Forever

Ci Pai Ming ( an ancient Chinese poetry format ) has been given a novel connotation for this design.Bubbles here symbolize positivity and happiness coming out of the Coca-Cola bottle,transmitting a cheerful atmosphere from Shanghai Expo to the rest of the world.
Happier city.Happier life

The Chant of Harmony

"Harmony" plays the key role in this design,demonstrating the power of peaceful co-existence in pushing the world forward.Wild mills,green trees, houses and family life come together to form a perfect picture of the harmonious co-existence of heaven, earth and humanity.
Better city.Better Life

World Expo 2012 

Often described as the Olympic Games of the cultural, economic, scientific, and technological fields, The World Exposition has an inspiring history. In May of 2010, Shanghai, China topped the list with a 184-day event that included more than 200 countries and international organizations, and an expected 70 million visitors.