Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Faithless & Paranoid Aluminum Bottle France 2007

This Coke Faithless & Paranoid site has been around for a little while and has been described as a visual poetry application. It was created by the multidisciplinary collaboration of the music of Faithless, the video artists from Paranoid and the German interactive agency Argonauten. The process to create the site started with Paranoid and Argonauten creating the storyboard for the site that centers around Faithless character Mr. Neant. That story board was then given to Faithless who use the storyboard as inspiration for the music.

The site lets you create works of art using your keyboard, mouse, microphone and webcam. These devices will help you do things like define the shape, position, size and color of your personal artwork. Typing letters will make different shapes appear on the bottle. You can use the microphone to make the bottle shake and remove elements from the bottle. Different speeds of motion from the webcam will shuffle the elements on the bottle. The site uses a lot of elements of the Flash player I haven't seen in this combination before to create an engaging experience for a while but once I did it one time I didn't have any urge to do it again.

All of this artistic collaboration is to support a new limited aluminum bottle Coke has created with artwork from from collaboration. They used a new process to put UV ink on the aluminum so it it will glow in the dark and it is only being sold in the "hippest" clubs across Europe. Coke has been searching for a new and stronger brand position for a while so this It is an interesting start as they play to take the brand up scale with not only the project but the exclusive and limited edition bottle. It seems to be working since I was intruiged enough about adding a bottle to the collection of toys and collectibles in my studio that I took a spin through eBay and found a bottle on sale for $50. That is a little steep for me but it would look good next to my set of Tokyo Plastic figures.