Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Xacobeo Aluminum Bottle Spain 2010

The Coca-Cola bottle, a special aluminum pint, bearing the logo of Xacobeo 2010, was packaged at the factory yesterday of Began Coruña. Limited 300,000 units.It is the first time that an event dedicated to Galicia for international promotion, which helps the firm in Atlanta, where did the design.

This weekend will be available in vending machines in the Monte do Gozo, Santiago, and the various establishments of the ways English, French and Portuguese upon request. No doubt, plus savor the refreshing liquid it contains, will be great object of desire for collectors.

It is a classic red bottle, which was also featured unprecedented events like the European Football Championships, Olympic Games in Beijing or Shanghai World Expo. The Coca-Cola intention is that this new special unit from Galicia turn the world. Jose Picado, Began commercial director, said that products related to Jacobean, that is bottling bottling Coruña since late last year, are between 136 and 137 million hits, most of them in our autonomy. He said that this bottle can not be refilled and that the policy of the Coca-Cola company is to reach as many consumers as possible.

Coca-Cola takes the reef Xacobeo 2010

Began commemorative bottle
Coca-Cola Spain did not want to miss the pull of sales and marketing which is an event as the celebration of Xacobeo Galicia 2010, so it has become a sponsor and has developed several initiatives with major brands.

Thus, 'Aquarius' , the sports drink Coca-Cola Spain, will mark the Jacobean pilgrimage in 2010 to become the "Official Drink of the Camino de Santiago" during this jubilee year. To celebrate, we wanted to be the first commercial brand to do the Camino de Santiago in an official capacity, launching a bottle that will travel the 750 km between Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela for the French way.

The arrival of the pilgrim bottle coincide with the launch of the new communication campaign on television , a spot that will focus on values ​​and experiences of the Camino de Santiago. Unexpected and extraordinary story that links the philosophy of Aquarius with life experience involved in making the road.

In addition to the television campaign, which will be headed by Mrs. Rushmore, 'Aquarius' will release a limited edition commemorative road for their cans, 1 L and 1.5 L, and will be available from June in all food establishments and service stations.

137 M Began expected impacts

In addition, Began , the Coca-Cola licensee in Galicia, will release 300,000 bottles special and commemorative Xacobeo Galicia 2010 under the brand 'Coca-Cola' in 250 ml aluminum .

The new bottle, designed in Atlanta, will present at traditional grocery stores and catering Galicia. Be directed especially to the hospitality and traditional food shops on the routes of the Camino de Santiago and Santiago City.

This initiative is part of the shares held firm to promote the Xacobeo 2010, as the rest of Galician factory packaging will also carry the logo of the road. In this way, the company expects to generate about 137 M impact , mainly in Galicia.