Monday, April 11, 2011

Coca Cola Manolo Blahnik Aluminum Bottle Germany 2009

Sex and the City 2 opened in Copenhagen. Coincidentally (or not), Coca-Cola had these eye-catching billboards put up to promote its limited-edition Manolo Blahnik cans and bottles.

Visited the  site , the very timely pop-up welcome screen is all about football. On the way to the Manolo Blahnik pages, Coca-Cola shows a "Mission Impossible" video starring an action hero, a beautiful woman, a daring escape and--of course--Coke.

The Manolo Blahnik pages showcase the shoe designer, the shoes and a quiz, offering a few minutes of engaging fun for fashionistas and Coca-Cola fans alike. Isn't this a good way to connect the iconic soft drink with style and pop culture?

manolo-blahnik_coca-cola-light-1mb fin4 Coke light macht Mode mit Manolo Blahnik
ss09 burga Coke light macht Mode mit Manolo Blahnik
Coca-Cola Light by Manolo Blahnik Germany 2009

6 February 2009, Spanish born fashion designer and founder the high-end shoe label Manolo Blahnik has represented the result of his second successful collaboration with Coca-Cola Light — new limited edition bottle design.

For the first time Blahnik embodied his creative vision of an iconic bottle dress in 2005. The new 2009 Coca-Cola Light by Manolo Blahnik collection is available since early January in a limited edition of 10 000 pieces. It is sold in a few outlets.

Coca-Cola light edition of Fashion Week 2009 in Berlin.

• Collectors Edition with a strictly limited edition
• launch of the cooperation "Coke Light in Fashion with Manolo Blahnik"

Manolo Blahnik, the famous shoe designer from London, has for Coca-Cola light bottle, an exclusive design. From spring 2009, the Coke light bottle designed by Manolo Blahnik, which is only in a strictly limited edition of 10,000 copies will be in selected fashion events available.

The striking and individual design of the optics package bears the handwriting of the master. "It is for me a pleasure and an honor, a cult object, such as the Coca-Cola light bottle with my design to decorate," says Manolo Blahnik. "She is renowned throughout the world.

That's why I wanted to not fundamentally change, but create something that is distinctive and at the same time and my work reflects my personality. "