Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coca Cola Magnificent 5 - Caviar Towa Tei Asia

This was the promo video directed by Caviar for the Coke M5 series. 
Music: "Milky Way" by Towa Tei.

The Conception of the bottle design
Coke requested that the bottle design should have some connection with the M5 short film.
Therefore we took design motifs from the story of our film Milky Way, the special 
elements, and then reworked them for the final bottle design.

Milky Way
The title of our film is Milky Way. We had total creative freedom apart from the overall theme
for the short film, which was " to make a better world". The characters of our short film
each have a letter from the English alphabet on their heads. Like a crossword puzzle,
the characters change their positions within the story, in formations that start to make 
words or messages. At the end, the group joins together and a visual image of the celestial swan
is formed. We think that the same thing is seen in our everyday relationships. A person
meet a new person, and starts communicating. Then a network spreads out, and the new 
relationship makes something creatively new.

The idea came to me when i visited the Grand Canyon in the USA around four years ago,
At sunset, people of various races  were taking photos, one after another. This was a
moving sight and made me feel peaceful. When i developed the story for our short film,
that feeling of peace inspired me a lot.

Cool & Fresh
I could meet with the other M5 members in Paris and Atlanta. All the other creators
were gentle and friendly. and love drinking. Like me, everyone loved design. I could
feel that we were able to communicate with visual expression, going beyond borders
and the difference of languages. It has been really encouraging to me as it emphasizes
the purpose of creating visual.