Saturday, January 30, 2016

Diet Coke IT’S MINE Brad Goreski Aluminum Bottle USA 2016

Diet Coke fans can get their hands on millions of uniquely designed 12-oz. glass contour bottles starting Feb. 1. The first-of-its-kind IT’S MINE program extends the brand’s “Get A Taste” campaign by celebrating fans’ unwavering love for the great taste of Diet Coke.

Fans can purchase their own Diet Coke IT’S MINE bottle for a limited time at major retailers nationwide. In addition to the 12-oz. glass bottles, select patterns will be available on 7.5-oz. mini-cans, 8.5-oz. aluminum bottles, 12-oz. and 16-oz. cans and 500 mL and 20-oz. PET bottles. No two glass bottles are the same.

“IT’S MINE is about the pursuit of a Diet Coke fan’s ultimate object of desire – Diet Coke,” said Kate Santore, senior manager of integrated marketing communications,Coca-Cola North America. “These bottles make your favorite beverage even more special - every bottle is completely unique, which means a fan can now own a piece of the brand no one else in the world owns.”

Diet Coke leveraged the innovative HP Indigo digital printing technology as part of the design development and bottle production process. First, Diet Coke created 36 base designs inspired by the bubbles, fizz, taste and spirit of Diet Coke. HP’s software then used these designs to auto-generate millions of entirely new graphics.

“HP is reinventing printing with technologies like HP SmartStream Mosaic Software, enabling leading brands like Diet Coke to reinvent traditional packaging into unique pieces of art not once possible,” said Gary Bernier, strategic business and brand development manager, HP.   

Coca-Cola Israel used the technology for a similar Diet Coke promotion in 2014. “Just as we’ve done with Share a Coke and other campaigns that originated outside the U.S., we continue to spot opportunities to import and scale innovative ideas to connect our brands with consumers,” said Saxon Seay, associate brand manager, Diet Coke.

A new IT’S MINE TV spot debuting Feb. 1 dramatizes the lengths fans will go to get their hands on a Diet Coke. The commercial features a well-dressed woman leaping through the air to grab an IT’S MINE Diet Coke bottle. The colorful bottle stands out against a black-and-white backdrop. A second IT’S MINE spot will air in late-February.

IT’S MINE also features interactive Diet Coke social media content including eye-catching Cinemagraphs on Pinterest and Instagram, and interactive, swipe-able GIFs on Twitter. Digital video and in-store, print and out-of-home advertising will showcase several bottle designs.

To kick off the program, Diet Coke is partnering with celebrity stylist, E! “Fashion Police” host and Diet Coke fan Brad Goreski to host a pop-up fashion house experience in New York City at the start of fashion week. Goreski will share his must-haves for the upcoming season and give fans that splash of color they love at micro-styling appointments. Fans can browse the season’s wardrobe picks curated by Goreski before meeting with him one-on-one to complete their look with the ultimate accessory – their very own Diet Coke IT’S MINE bottle.

From Feb. 8 through March 31, fans can share photo of their new look for the season, paired with their Diet Coke IT’S MINE bottle and the hashtag #ITSMINEsweepstakes. The grand prize: $10,000 worth of wardrobe items hand-picked by Goreski and a year’s supply of Diet Coke.

"The launch of the IT’S MINE program is a continued celebration of our fans’ unique, steadfast love for the delicious taste of Diet Coke,” said Rafael Acevedo, group director, Diet Coke, Coca-Cola North America. "Through a robust, integrated national program, we’re inviting fans to choose from millions of unique Diet Coke designs, selecting the one they feel is uniquely their own.”


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