Thursday, June 18, 2020

Coca-Cola Bathing Ape Aluminum Bottle Japan 2020

BAPE Camouflages Premium Coca-Cola Bottles Like Its The 2000s
Coca-Cola and BAPE have linked up once again, this time with a refreshing new take on the iconic coke bottle. The collab arrives complete with bespoke packaging and graphics.
When you think about the early 2000s and the wave of Japanese export that took the world by storm, you’d often see roves of BAPE camo adorning anything from sweaters to soda cans. And this new collaboration between Coca-Cola and BAPE is bringing all that back.
Back again after 3 years, the two giants have linked up again to give us a take on the iconic coke bottle. Arriving in completely bespoke packaging and graphics, the collaboration takes on the slim 250 ml aluminium, unique only to the Japanese market. BAPE chimes in with two signature designs created around the classic Coca-Cola imagery and colours.
On one bottle, BAPE’s iconic APE HEAD is situated beneath the company logo, set against a red FIRST CAMO backdrop while the second bottle features. Baby Milo sipping a coke on a plain red background with stylized “A Bathing Ape” branding beneath.
Both BAPE bottles are available now, exclusively via Amazon JP.