Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Coca-Cola Romero Britto Rio Olympic Games Aluminum Bottle Brazil 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games sponsor Coca-Cola presents partnership with artist Romero Britto
The Brazilian artist from Pernambuco will be in charge of producing paintings, pins and
a special edition of the Coca-Cola bottle with a Rio 2016 Olympic Games theme

He is also one of Coca-Cola’s nominees to bear the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch
Spreading happiness is the connection between visual artist Romero Britto and Coca-Cola’s for
the Rio 2016 Olympic Games project. Internationally renowned for his vibrant colors and pop
style, Britto is also one of the company’s nominees to bear the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch. He will
be in charge of producing a series of works with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games theme,
beginning with five paintings representing local elements from each of Brazil’s five regions and
a collection of five pins, reproducing parts of these paintings, which together will form the map
of Brazil in a special edition kit. The partnership will also include the launch of a limited edition
Coca-Cola bottle, made of aluminum, which will be sold in Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the
Olympic Torch Relay.

“As a Brazilian it is a wonderful feeling to be nominated as a Rio 2016 Olympic Torchbearer in
my country. It’s a unique opportunity and I want to help promote it and show that art also
spreads happiness through its essence and its colors,” says Romero Britto.

The artist, who was born in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, will be in São José dos Campos,
at São Paulo state, on Thursday the 29th, to meet students from a school selected among the
participants in the Coca-Cola Schools Festival, a Coca-Cola Brasil event that has already
reached over 700 thousand schoolchildren throughout the whole country.

“Romero Britto is a natural ambassador for Brazil abroad and he charms the world with the
style of his art. The partnership turns him into a storyteller of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Coca-Cola story, from capturing elements from the five regions of the country, and also
through the Torch Relay and with our special bottle, until Rio 2016 with the pins,” explains
Xiemar Zarazúa, president of Coca-Cola Brasil.