Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diet Coke Heart Truth Diane von Furstenberg Limited Edition USA 2012

2012 Heart Truth Diet Coke Aluminum Bottle Set inspired and designed by DvF.

Diet Coke Limited Edition Collection by Diane von Furstenberg

DVF and Diet Coke have come together to create this chic set of iconic bottles featuring classic DVF prints. Available only in the month of February, the set makes the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for any fashion minded collector. And in the spirit of sharing the love, 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health. Set of 4. Bottles are collector’s items only, do not contain Diet Coke and are shipped without caps.
Comes with 4 Bottles in a fancy 4 pack carton box.

Only 500 sets produced for her private function. No UPC code so they will not be sold to public. Designs are 1 of 4 chain, 2 of 4 twigs, 3 of 4 popcorn, and 4 of 4 swirls.

This year, Diet Coke teamed up with Diane von Furstenberg to present us the 2012 Heart Truth Diet Coke Bottles.These bottles are only being offered empty because it's their thought that most collectors would want it this way.The good news is, that these 4 bottles will come inside a one of a kind 4 pack carton box that is very cool.

Why aren't they full?
The reason they are not full is because whenever there is a Coca-Cola beverage container that is sold with contents, a local distributor of Coca-Cola where the item would be sold has to benefit from that sold item. And Coca-Cola does not want to include the local distributor because that would add more cost to their charitable program that they are already heavily invested in with this program of doing good and bringing awareness to heart healthy lifestyles.

There are other considerations of why they are empty which are more costs, time, low production if filled, transport shipping costs, and many more reasons that I'm not qualified to know, maybe.
There will be some of these bottles that will be full and this will probably be near the actual Mercedes-Benz fashion show. At the fashion show they will probably hand out these 4 pack empty bottle carton sets as well.

The Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

Five lucky winners will get a trip to NYC for Fashion Week. Each winner choose a friend and fly in style with Delta Air Lines, stay at the exclusive Westin New York at Times Square, receive a $400 American Express Gift Card and attend The Red Dress Collection Fashion Show on February 8! Winner 'll see celebs and get a commemorative Limited- Edition Diet Coke aluminum bottle collection designed by world famous designer Diane von Furstenberg.