Sunday, April 24, 2011

Coca Cola Aluminum Bottle Light Spain 2008 / 2010 " I Light It "

Coca-Cola Presents Greatest Interactive Billboard of All Times
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its presence in Spain, Coca-Cola Light presented the biggest billboard made of 15,000 of limited edition aluminum bottles of Coca-Cola light, tied with ropes to each other on the backdrop of the banner. This banner is said to be the biggest Coca-Cola Light ad in the world and was placed on the building in the heart of Madrid.

In addition to this offline campaign appealing to 8 mln. Spanish people living in the region, Coca-Cola launched an online interactive destination encouraging visitors to take a closer look at the banner using their webcam. The visitors to the hub may explore the bottles, choose the one they like, tag and customize it using the variety of the available tools.

However, the main idea about the web project is not user generated content, but an interactive treasure hunt. 25 out of 15,000 bottles on the banner have prizes hidden inside of them, so the point is to look carefully not to miss a chance to win a prize.