Sunday, October 17, 2010

Coca Cola Magnificent 5 - MK12 North America

According to Matt Fraction, one of MK12's founders, the assignment was "too good to be true."
"Coke was a sponsor, really: they made it all happen and left everyone alone to do the work. No product placement, no credit, etc. They didn't want a Coke commercial. They wanted to commission a piece of work from us," he wrote on his blog.
MK12 was allowed to show the work in public this summer, but was asked not to reveal Coke's involvement. "They're looking, I think, into becoming patrons of work like this, the way they once did for Warhol & co. And so that's M5 and that's why we did it," Fraction wrote.

Bottle: (Not Named)

“Birds and flowers swirl in, out, and around a modern color scheme punctuated by unexpected bursts of red. The bottle is instantly recognizable but profoundly re-imagined.”