Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca-Cola Zac Posen Aluminum Bottles Germany 2008

zac posen alu bottle layout1 Zac Posen X Coke
freisteller coke light alu bottle zac posen2 Zac Posen X Coke
Zac Posen is known as gifted fashion designers. Well that his creation urge knows no bounds - it need not always be dresses and gowns. Exclusively for Diet Coke, he has just agreed to the design of the so-called aluminum bottles. Of which there will be only 30,000 pieces worldwide, and this only on special events, just buy at the store they can not. "I have chosen for the design points which can also be found in my collections. They therefore bear my signature - and it stands for courage and femininity, "he says. With the final draft, the go-ahead was given to a special campaign with the slogan "Coke light. In Fashion with Zac Posen. From a jumble of entries of young girls and their photos with an accompanying description of their style should be a particularly lucky ausgweählt. This is probably already in New York with their idol, and holds out the promise to be exclusively for them desingt a dress ...

As the actual bottle has become ever you can find out after the jump ...


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